Gender Development Projects

Activity:Workshop on Capacity-building in Advocacy for Population and Development issues


Description: To strengthen the capacity of its staff in Advocacy for population issues.

Output 26 participants trained

Focus: Population and Development


Funding Agency:UNFPA Rwanda

Activity: National Programme of Action in Population & Development Policies in Poverty Alleviation


Description: To improve the governance systems within the Region is one of those key interventions, which enhance MAs capacity to deliver desirable SRH services.

Output 46 participants trained

Focus: Capacity Building

Countries:Botswana, Ethiopia,Ghana, The Gambia,Liberia, Malawi,Mauritius, Nigeria,Swaziland, Sierra Leone, Uganda,Zambia

Funding Agency:IPPFARO

Activity:IPPF Resource Mobilization


Description: To provide skills to develop project proposals using logical framework (which encourages the discipline of clear and specific thinking throughout the proposal development process) and the skills for designing, implementing and evaluating an efficient resource mobilization campaign

Output 16 participants trained

Focus: Resource mobilization


Funding Agency:IPPFARO, Help Self Help (Naro Moru)